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Howdy! Glad You Dropped In!!!!

Well! Alot has happened with me, I submitted my music to A new label last June, 2010, to Tate Music Group, TMG Records and was asked to sign A contract. I went to Mustang Oklahoma and recorded my new Album;  Welcome To Gerry Lee's World which was released on the 17th of May, 2011. This album has several of the old classic's brought back, plus three songs I wrote, which I am pretty proud of. I hope you will check it out. Information will be updated at this website as soon it's available. I hope you enjoyed the opening song.
Thanks, Gerry Lee 

Bad Economy Special !  $ 6.00 "Click On; Album  Information for details 

New Album:
Welcome To Gerry Lee's World

This album brings back some of the old classic's plus songs written by: